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God created
mankind naked
"What we love to do and why!"
Who We Are
TAN is a male nudist organization serving
southwest Florida providing one the ability to
meet other male nudist as well to promote
nudism among the gay and lesbian
population; however, all males are welcome
to attend our events - regardless of sexual
orientation.  What is required is you are a
male and you are to be naked.
TAN as a nudist organization
TAN is not a sexual group in any manner.  
We recognize and celebrate the beauty and
freedom of being in our natural state of body.  
Our purpose is to provide a location for
males to be nude in a social manner.
Upcoming Plans
TAN's members normally meet on the 3rd
Sunday of each month with the exception of
special events (Click on Events on this
page).  Our location will change but not the
enjoyment of socializing.  Continue to look at
this website for the latest updates and plans
for our growing organization.  
Male Beauty
Male beauty is in the eyes of the
beholder.  TAN believes beauty
does not have to be hidden by
clothing.  It doesn't matter "how"
one looks but what's in-side the
individual.  Come show us your
true self.
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